Lost all XP, downgraded to level 1?

I recently ended a flight session and my account went to level 1 and I noticed that I had only 46 xp, I used to have close to 250,000!

Also, I used to be level 3-4 (depending on my landings) now is 1, all without any explanation or cause.

I try restarting the up, logging out and in and still get 46 XP. My flight hours are still shown at 377 in the log book.

What to do? Did I lose the last 1.5-2 years of playing in the game?

Please help


Did you leave the region? Leaving the region removes all xp


Did you fly out of the region?


It my be possible if you left the region. If not, you may get in contact with Tyler or Mark.

This may have been reported before -


Can we have a screenshot of your live stats?

This’ll be the table you can find by going to the live section of Infinite Flight, and clicking on your account info on the top right :)


I have added a screenshot of the live stats. I can only add one image.

What is your username and callsign?

Air Force 5 Super
Display name: MiamiPilot


I’m aware of the answer to the question so I’ll save the time. As a warning to you and others, flying with the callsign “FckTrump” violated our terms of service as it is inappropriate and used profanity. You have been ghosted many times without catching on so resetting your XP was a result of continued innapropriate callsigns as I’ve listed above.

Repeating this in the future may result in termination of service. Thank you for allowing me to explain and educate others as well.



You’re welcome to PM me if you have further questions.

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