Lost all stats

Please help I just got a new phone and redone loaded the game had almost all the planes all the maps and had to changed my password and everything is now gone here are a. Couple pics to prove it phone- I phone 6s plus
Current version for game

I don’t see what the issue is. You appear to have most of the planes/regions…

That’s off my old phone I took he pictures of my old phone my new phone looks like this

You may have signed into the wrong account as in the first picture your name is capitalized and it isn’t in the second picture.

I had to reset my password for Google and it made me loose everything 😒

@philippe is there anything you can do to realot the planes and region and he’s and do back to my account or any developer

Update I do have all the planes and regions now I’m just curious if you could reset my hours and xo back to what they are in the first couple photos please and thank you I enjoy the advanced server a lot

So you just changed the password, but used the same email for your Google account?

Yes it was a shock

@carmalonso is there anything you can do to restore flight hours and xp

hmm - @matt password change causes stats to be lost apparently, could you look into it?


this is weird when i got a new phone (same model but just new cuz dropped in water) everything saved and i change my password every 6 months

I was hoping for the same thing. Used sane email and all just different passwords and it wiped all my stuff out

Any devs able to help

Open a support ticket here

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So I have came to the conclusion that I most likely won’t get my stats back so can we just close this or something waited a week for some assistance and got no replies from devs

I know the devs are busy but has a single Dev or any moderator even bothered to look at this or get a resolve

Have you contacted support via email or via the link @dush19 posted above?

Better to do this than to PM mods and devs :)

@staff Is needed

Same thing happened to me when I updated to the dash 8 update…I’m a bit upset, I had gained quite a bit 😔

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