Lost all sound

I’m flying from HND-FUK right now and out of nowhere, I lost all sound. Why is this happening? Has happened to me a few times.



Can you please tell us what device you are using and what operating system it runs on?

Thank you!

I have an Ipad pro and I have the most recent update

When this happens to me, I just leave the app and come back in…

I just went to my home screen and when I came back the game crashed. This is really frustrating as this has happened to me a few times.

Hmmm, that is strange…

Yeah really annoying especially when flying into an active ATC

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The way I solve this is go to YouTube or any video wesite and play a video with sound, then come back to IF.

It works perfectly for me.

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The moment I went to the homescreen though, the game crashed.

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Then IDK what to do, I only ever lose sound on the ground, so even if it happens to crash it doesn’t matter.

Did you by chance accidentally turn the volume down or the ringer off?

My ipad doesn’t have a ringer, i was just climbing and it went out randomly.

Does this happen multiple times or just once?

This has never happened to me until about a month ago and it’s happened 4 times

Maybe try clearing your cache in your settings…

does that effect sound?

It is basically data of scenery and other stuff unnecessarily stored away in your phone. So clearing it would maybe help wit the issue…

No clearing the scenery cache has nothing to do with your sound. Question, during the last four times the sound has cut out, have you done something the same? Like someone called you, notifications popping up? Basically what I am asking is, has something happened during those four times and then right after the sound cuts out?

It’s like seriously random, nothing is happening it just goes.