Lost All Replay Files!

I have lost all my old replay files. I make videos on YT and was already halfway editing one.

I don’t believe there is a way to recover all your replay files, sadly :( How did you lose your replays?

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Your replays shouldn’t just disappear. Did you happen to delete the application?

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No, I think it is because of new Version :(

Were you in beta?

Yeah! I was

How did you go about reinstalling IF? Did you go to your respective App Store and reinstall the app? Or did you delete IF, then reinstall the RTM version?

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They warned that when you left beta you could loose your replay files

Oh, I didn’t see that. Its fine. Thanks guys :)


The only time they are removed is if you uninstall the app at any time. If you uninstalled it to leave beta this would have removed replays. Unfortunately there is no way to recover them as they are only stored on your local device.

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