Lost all my XP and Grades when subscribed again

So I’ve subscribed to Infinite Flight pro again yesterday and have realised that I’ve lost all my XP and Grades. I subscribed last July and got to Grade 3, was able to fly expert servers. But now it’s gone, and only have 212 XP. How do I get all my XP back? Really want to join in the events :(

Any ideas?

I would say contact one of the guys/devs… you know what I mean right?

If not you’ll have to grind again

If it’s the same account as before or you remember the account where you had xp I believe @schyllberg can restore that for you .

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@schyllberg can you help?


As mentioned in the Support FAQ:


But I logged in using Google, both last year, and now. But the stats are gone?


Could have been different account? Or something went wrong in the process. If you just reply with the requested information i can check. Can’t do much before that.

Where do i get my display name and callsign from? And how would I get the callsign and display name from the other account?

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Handling separately