Lost All my Stats

I don’t know if this happens or not, but my subscription expired a few months ago, I just renewed it, only to find out that all of my Flight Hours, XP and Grade is gone, does this happen for being inactive or a bug and if it is, suggest me some fixes?


You likely haven’t logged in with the correct credentials hence why everything appears as 0.


oh Crap, I did, is it possible to refund the subscription, I just bought it

What store do you use?
Apple App Store or Google Play Store?

Apple Store is the one I used, I am sorry about this, I Made a really careless mistake.

I’ll take a look at it thanks

Unfortunately all Apple Purchases are final. I am sorry.

It’s fine, it does say I can try emailing them, I’ll try that, I have refunded stuff through iTunes before, it’s no bigey

I hope you did not spend a lot of money. Good luck! Hope this helps! Have a amazing day!

Same to you mate, thanks!


A refund is not required.
We can transfer the subscription from one Infinite Flight account to another.

Send me a PM with the following information and we’ll sort it out:

  • Callsign and display name for your original account
  • Callsign and display name for the new account which you accidentally purchased on
  • Purchase receipt.

I guess I can say you learn something everyday. Now I know something new and better serve the community. Thanks @schyllberg

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Alright, Thanks! I’ll send you a PM shortly

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