Lost all my plane purchases after reinstall

Hi all, I just reinstalled my infinite flight as my 1 year subscription had ended in the first week of March. When I logged in, I am unable to restore purchase and all my planes and airports are gone. Is this suppose to be the case or we can only keep the planes until the subscription period and we need to purchase again?


Press the “Restore Purchases” button.

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I pressed the restore purchase and it says “restore purchases complete”. But when i click on the planes, it still shows the price of the planes and prompt for itunes password. Do I key in the password?

That shouldn’t happen. Are you logged in to the same account you bought the aircraft with?

Uploading… yes, I am already logged in. I bought the 1 year subscription at around $70 last year. I even join the airport editing team on github with cameron, shawn, axel, john, etc.

Has your Live+ ran out?

Ok thanks. Yes it ended last week. I re-installed the game to check out the new dash 8 but found out all my planes and regions were gone. Tried re-logging in but still fails.

You don’t keep the aircraft when Live+ runs out.

You mean all my aircrafts and airports are gone once my live+ ended? In order for me to have the planes kept permanently, I need to buy them individually?

Yes, that is correct.

Or get Live+ again and you get them all back.

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Ok thanks all. The instructions was not really clear when I subscribed a year ago as it did not mentioned all the planes will be gone. Anyway, thanks again for the time.

Your purchase has run out, your subscription doesn’t just pause when your not online or logged in.

You must buy a new subscription since you have run out, you don’t get to keep those regions and aircraft because there only part of the Live+ sub.

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