Lost all ground effectd

I recently opened infinite flight and noticed that all my ground effects (taxiways, lights, etc) are not showing. How to fix this issue??

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The issue you are experiencing have been resolved with a new version of Infinite Flight.
So all you have to do is to visit App Store / Play Store and update Infinite Flight.

More information about the update and it’s content can be found here:

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Not 100% sure what you are having trouble with.

But if you are having the usual trouble with your scenery, black spots on the ground or airports not loading, then you may want to clear your scenery cache.

This can be done by visiting settings in the game, going to general, scrolling all the way to the bottom and pressing ‘Clear Cache’

This will fix any problem you are having with Taxiways and Scenery loading.

Not trying to impede on what Levet said, if I am addressing the wrong issue, then I would definitely check out what he said.

Try restarting your device, if not like @CaptainDwyer said, clear the scenery cache.

If he has the latest update installed he shouldn’t be experiencing that :)

Oh, didn’t know they fixed it forever. Was just giving a suggestion based on my current knowledge :)

I was on a 10 hour flight yesterday when within last 50 mikes scenery blured and I last airport. I could still fly but as I approached airport as per smaller screen. things got worse and I crashed out. I cleaned cache aon a number of occasions to no resolve. Rebooted and fone now. Think this was just a glitch