Lost aircrafts with new phone.

I recently got a new phone and when I redownloaded the game I lost 3 planes that I payed for. The 747-8, 777-200F, 737-900,and the ERJ-170

Have you tried restoring your purchases?

Yeah but it still says I have to pay


What phone did you use to have and what phone did you get?


I had a Droid Maxx and now I have a Droid turbo 2

So, both Android.

As long as you’re signed in to the same Google account as you were when you bought them they should restore automatically. However, in some cases it just won’t and a reinstallation of Infinite Flight is required for them to sync up.

Have you tried restoring your purchases?

Yes I have tried restoring it

Uninstall IF from your phone. Restart your phone. Download IF again. If not restored, click the restore button. You should be good to go :)

Or, log out of your Google account. Login again. Try this aswell.

How do you restored again the last time I did it was around may

Click the “select aircraft” and you’ll see a shopping cart under everything saying “restore purchases” you should be able yo download your aircrafts.

There is no ”Restore purchases” button on Android as Play Store should take care of it automatically.

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I remember there being a restoring purchase button

I just asked a developer who said no.

But, have you reinstalled as i asked? :)

Yep I just did but same result