Lost access

Guys. Your support req is not clear. I’ve list access to all planes purchased and still have an active sub. I don’t think this is the relight forum but fo $50 a year expect a better support forum. Please help.

Being that you joined 16 mins ago confuses me as to why you’re saying this isn’t a good support forum…

Anyways, I’m not too sure what the issue is. Can you please clarify? Thanks :)


What can we help you please describe your issues. With pictures if it’s possible.

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For the most efficient support please private message Tyler Shelton or Mark Denton, they’re our community support representatives. They’re happy to help you out.



Could you please reattempt to explain your issue? I’m not sure I, or anyone else, understands your post. I look forward to assisting you!



Make it more detailed. Have you tried the restore all purchase button and sometimes you need to just simply re download the planes isall

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What is your issue? if you could post pictures and describe it a little better maybe then people could help you out better. :)

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Just one person needs to ask him to elaborate guys… ;)


Have you ensured you have restored purchases?

It’s a great support forum @Nick_Panvini

I think what he means is that even though his live+ is still active, the paid aircraft are still appearing as paid.

Unless it’s something else, I’d recommend you try the ‘Restore Purchases’ option to see if that can help. An app re-install or device restart could rectify the issue.

We do have staff dedicated for support so rest assured they can help you with your support requests.

Hmmmm, I don’t seem to understand you here. Could you say your device

One person has already said that, on support topics it’s better to have just one person to prevent the user with the issue being intimidated by all these troubleshooting steps. Hope you understand :)


Hello Nick,

Welcome to the forum.

Before you start judging, experience it for over a week. I think we can impress you.

May I ask what’s your issue? A lot of people here know there things and I think one of them can help you.

Josh. :)

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Are you sure it’s a Live+ Subscription ($50) or a normal Live Subscription ($5)


I believe he uses Live+. As if you buy it, you can see that you can access all of the planes and regions 😉

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We can’t help you if you don’t reply. I’m not going to day anything more as everyone else already said what we need to be able to help you better.

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Assuming this is not an issue anymore as it has been silent for 5 days.