Lost access to Slack Infinite Flight Airport Editing

Today I finished editing LETJ, and I wanted to send it for peer review. But when I tried to access slack, I couldn’t find the Airport Editing team. I tried joining again but it says "Sorry, this workspace has been delated. For the same email address I can only see VuelingVA, which is my other workspace.

Please some help.


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Me too!! I have the same problem!!

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IFAET have switched to Discord. Anyone who wouldn’t have entered by the deletion were subject to removal, as far as I’m concerned.


Hey there!

The Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team has made the move to Discord! Please reapply by PMing @airportediting. They should be able to get you a link and move you over. Please include the following:

• Your Name
• Your Email Address
• Your GitHub Username
• Note that you were already a member and that you missed the transfer date cutoff

Best of luck!


Inquiry answered.