Lost a 10 hour flight on live

Does anybody know how long you can be outside of the game in live mode before it disconnects from server. Was literally in the middle of a flight from KDEN to RJTT and lost the entire flight data after landing. Needless to say was pretty upset

Hi there,

We strongly recommend that you don’t leave the app once you begin a flight.

As far as lost flight time, you would receive credit for the amount of time you’ve flown while not leaving the app. You can pick an aircraft and copy a flight plan from somewhere then return and paste it but honestly it’s best to get all of that ready to copy and have ready to paste before you launch Infinite Flight.


So you ended up landing the flight, but it didn’t register in your log book? is that what your saying ?

One time I was going from LAX-DXB and has to
Go to school and left it for 6 hours and it just paused mid air and I got back and landed and earned my 10,000XP

I believe if you are out of the app while on live flight for longer than 5 minutes, you will be disconnected.

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Yes exactly it only logged 23mins!

How long did you leave the app?

Can you give us a picture of your log book?

I left maybe 5 times in total but for no more than a minute or 2 each

Wait you tokeoff then you closed the app?


Leaving the app for too long of a time will break the connection you have to the servers.


This is a run down on the long haul procedure:
When you have already takeoff wait till you get it crusing altitude and then when you reach crusing altitude and you are going to bed set an alarm roughly 30mins before landing so when you wake up you can decend and land :)


It looks like when you closed your app. You forgot to re open it. Causing it to crash and fully disconnect from the servers. I don’t recommend interchanging between apps unless it’s necessary, it can also cause problems whilst contacting atc. Also what @IF_Aviation1 said is good for long hauls!

It’s unfortunate about your flight time. I recommend getting back out there though! Have fun!

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There has been instances personally where I have left it overnight expecting to come back with a large xp boost but I come back to realise that I was on the screen showing no current open apps and my flight hasn’t been flying and I was still over England, infinite flight really doesn’t like out of the app flying but I doubt it’s done purposely strong text

This is just a quick reminder, don’t ever exit or mistakenly close you’re app. As apps due intend to crash and that app was “infinite flight”. Many times when I preformed long hauls I usually had gotten calls from my relatives and that made me exit when I was preforming long hauls. Don’t click your home button.

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