Lost 8 Landings ?!?


So basically I reached with happiness this Monday Grade 4!

I also made screenshots and created a thread New at Grade 4!

And the Wednesday I made a Basel - Gatwick - Basel and I got over 100 landings in 90 Days.

And now i made a Basel - Nice and after this flight when I ended this flight I clicked on end this flight and the statistics just deleted me 8 landings?!

Now Im on Grade 3 ???

This isn’t fair…




This is quite normal if you grind landings a lot over a short time period.
Landings (90 days) will only count the landings you’ve made in the past 90 days. Not the landings you made 91 days ago.

So what happened here, is that 8 of those landings are landing you made more than 90 days ago and therefore they were removed from the 90 day landings.


So I have to grind again to get Grade 4?

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Basically, if you’d like to call it grind.

To access Grade 4 you need to have 100 landings in the past 90 days, failure of this mark will mean demotion.


I wouldn’t recommend grind unless you’re willing to keep it up.
Best is to have a decently, stable & consistent number of landings each day. That way there won’t be any large number of landing drop-offs.


Okay thanks for the feedback!

Sorry i was a little bit angry on my last message…

So I’ll try to keep it up. Thanks for the feedback and have a pleasant day!