Lost 5 hours flight

The app has crashed just before turning into final and establish on ILS… Suddenly it becomes unresponsive (although it was smooth)… This is the second flight i lost on final and waste my time… Anyone can explain why such things would occur?
My experience in IF lately has become a bit frustrating and not enjoyable because of such issues…
I restarted my device (iPad Air 2019) before the flight and I use LiveFlight Connect app for my joystick…
I would appreciate any help


From my knowledge there’s nothing you can do once it crashes it’s pretty much gone it happened to me when I was on final of an 8hr flight.

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It’s so frustrating and realistic painful, especially when everything went well and smooth and suddenly freez and crash just before APPR…

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I would imagine the solution is to not have all the settings maxed put it on low and medium so your phone is not overwhelmed on long haul or long medium-haul routes

My settings were on medium although my device is capable to handle high graphics and never overheated… But simply today it has decided to ruin my great flight and to increase the provocation; it happened on final… That’s painful 🤦‍♂️

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Hello! I am very sorry for what happened to you, but there is nothing that can be done, it has already happened to me several times on flights of up to 16h I know it makes that happen, but it is better to be calm.

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this is a great example of why I never do long haul flights…

Thanks buddy for your participation… It’s so painful really especially for those who take simulators very serious and want to simulate real world procedures… TBH I couldn’t keep calm after what happened 😁, cause it was really a great flight in all its phases😵

You’re absolutely right… I don’t usually do long hauls due to unpredictable issues that could occur taking into consideration that I’m using a joystick and that’s another long story of suffering due to its deprecated app🤦‍♂️

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