Loss of sound in FNF


I am in the middle of a FNF and I loose my sound after my screentime warning comes up. I don’t wanna loose this flight so do you have any immediate suggestions. Note: I cannot hear the sound effects but I can hear the ATC.

Can you please help me?

could you look in settings what your SFX volume is at (in the sim).
Just a guess…

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Will try that. Thanks for the suggestion! Edit: doesn’t work :(. Note this is after the screentime thingy me bob

If you can hear atc then id say continue on, as most times sound glitches like such require an app restart unfortunately, no sfx sound shouldn’t cause any issues, as long as you can hear atc

Ok, thanks! This can be closed now!

You could also double tap home button (if you’re on iOS) and then DO NOT remove it just go into the app center menu where you can see all your open apps and then tap on IF again that works for me sometimes

Welp, tried everything and it doesn’t work :(. Can be closed now

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