Loss of Sound Effects

Hello, I am having a support issue: my sound effects are not working, however, I am able to hear the ATC audio. I’ve seeked some help from the suppport issue page in the community, but I wasn’t able to solve the problem. I’m currently on approach into Boston, can someone help me?


First of all, check the audio settings (SFX audio is the one for the engine sound and stuff).

Usually, a restart of the app should fix it (I have experienced this issue too).

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Check your settings. It unlikely, but you might have accidentally turned them off.
EDIT: @Starley beat me.

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Yah, that was what I was thinking to, but I’m in the middle of a flight. Will definitely try this once I land!

If you are at a busy airport the sound of the ATC may drown out the sound effects. I had this happen to me today at KIAD.