Loss of Server

Hello there!

I have reason to believe the server, Expert, is down.

Others at a flyout have the same issue

iPad OS 16 Beta

iPad Pro 2021


Just putting this out here for the mods

Hey there, I am also experiencing some intermittent connectivity issues, although my connection does eventually recover. That said, the staff will definitely address this urgently if there is a pertinent issue they are seeing.

I’m also having problems with the live server.

I’m experiencing the same issue.

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It’s down in my end as well, with the iPhone 12, iOS 16.0.2

Oh wait, I’m connected now.

ok it’s back, this can be closed

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it worked for me again.

Huh seems to be fine for me

Working now, we’re good

Thought we were in trouble there for a second. It’s fine, everything’s fine

The same thing happened to me exactly 30 minutes ago! It was on approach to LEMD and suddenly went offline and all communications with ATC were lost. A moment later, my game crashed after flying for 9h30m from SKCG. :(

Mine didn’t crash, it was able to reconnect and the event I was at was able to proceed normally. I have had my game crash on final after a long haul before though, and I understand the disappointment that can be with it

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Im glad it wasnt only me I was on approach to AMS and suddenly i lost server connection

Just it’s regular unscheduled, spontaneous and out of nowhere reboot.