Loss of Engine power

Loss of Engine power - Throttle wouldn’t exceed 50%N1

Earlier today, whilst performing a flight out of JFK in a 777-300, (KLM 901 Heavy) I experienced some difficulties with the throttle.

I managed to successfully climb out to FL340 before starting to experience difficulties powering up. As I would bring the throttle up it wouldn’t quite get the N1 to spool up beyond 50%… I subsequently entered a hold over TAAPS, did some experimenting and managed to get power back.

I diverted back into JFK and landed with no further issues.

Has anyone else experienced any similar issues?

Device Specs

IOS, iPad Pro 9.7, full updated software and IF


Stay within the region boundaries.

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See my flight tracker…

It’s normal at high altitudes. You need to be going fast for you not to stall. It’s realistic.

I have this problem while taking off with the 77W and the 787-9. I’m not sure what causes it, it’s really weird

Hi Mate, No, this wasn’t that, this was something else. It seemed more like a fault. I fly high altitude and this route a lot, this isn’t something I’ve experienced before. :)


It’s just the altitude. If you’re at M .75 there’s gonna be no problem.

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You said you recovered power when descending, that’s why.

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I was at around 260kts.

That’s the problem go faster before climbing that high.


Im not satisfied thats the issue here mate, I think its an issue with my iPad. I have just tested this and you can quite easily fly at 260kts at FL340

Here I’m at FL340, 260kts with a ground speed of 431kts and N1 of 61%

During my original post, I could drag the throttle to 100%, but N1 would only show 50%

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Is it because you have autopilot engaged?

Maybe, you may know more. But throttle at 100% should still show a higher N1 than 50% :)

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All your speeds seem fine.

If you look at your Mach speed, you can see that it is at 0.80, which is what your A/P is set to. So you are actually doing the correct speed.

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Sorry, I totally misread your post. I thought you were saying that you could not move the throttle. Forget what I said before.

That was an example to show you can do 260kts at FL340, that was not my flight. In my flight, when I manually set the throttle to 100% N1 only showed at 50% and I didn’t get full throttle power from the engines.

Can you reproduce the issue? Hard to replicate an issue when there’s no steps.

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This randomly happens to me, mainly when using the replay mode, never happened in live though.

Oh I see, that is weird…