Loss of control, Landing during crosswind

I tried to land a 777 and SR22 during a cross wind and on several occasions the aircraft turn’s violently left? I’ve applied full rights rudder and aileron to no effect.

I’ve checked all settings and reinstalled the game, same issue each time?

Runway 27, Winds 180° 15kts gusting to 25kts

I am training for my PPL in the real world and nver came across this unless it’s been a pilot input or brake issue.

Any ideas?

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Your device may not be calibrated correctly. Always calibrate before landing.

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I think the issue probably is that you are not aligned with the runway.
At about 20 feet above the ground, you should use your rudder to align your nose with the runway, to prevent your tires from skidding.

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Anyone would have trouble landing SR22 with 15kts crosswind. Practice makes perfect my friend. Prop aircraft will always want to veer one way or another due to adverse yaw effect. Just keep practicing.


Hi have aligned with the runway using the rudder just before the flare I’ve also paused and calibrated my device during long final

If I select autoland I have the same issue.

It takes a while to get the hang of it. My advice apart from practice practice practice is do not try to learn crosswind in IF using single engine prop. Try keeping your trim up a little so you can align before the front wheel touches the ground. You may also find it better to uncouple your ailerons and rudder in settings. I learned in the Dash8 Q400 and there is a you tube tutorial you can watch. I find when the front wheel touches and you are slowing it will grip the tarmac and send you off. Make sure you use reverse thrust and keep back pressure on the yoke so the front wheel doesn’t get so much grip too quickly. Happy flying

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25 knots is probably out of limits for the SR22 the triple seven will have some issues but should be fine just keep practicing

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I see that you are training for your PPL at present, however some of the tricks in the enclosed tutorial might give you some tips for flying on IF. It was written and produced by a real life PPL so should be of some benefit.



Happens to me in the spitfire, also during taxiing.

The spitfire is a whole new story… That aircraft needs a good rework. Vote for it here:

New Request can be made by a TL2

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