Loss of control bug

I couldn’t find a topic relating to this issue already, and this is the third or fourth time it’s happened now…

If I leave my house, I have to change wifi connection to my iPhone hotspot. When I do this, I lose all control of the aircraft. All controls disappear from the screen, and the engines shut down. The app is not frozen, as the strobes/beacon are still active, the aircraft is still moving around with the wind, and I can still move the camera. This only occasionally happens when I have to change my wifi source. It does not happen if I quickly leave the app for any other purpose.


This probably has to do with the change of connection, have you put your device in airplane mode for 30 seconds after this occurs and then switching back to a stable connection?

I’ve tried disabling and re-enabling the connection, does not fix the issue.

Weird. I’ve changed from Wifi —> Cellular —> No service —> Cellular —> Wifi on several occasions, and never had this issue. Never had any issues with that at all to be honest…

Has it always been like this or is this something new?

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First started experiencing the issue after the global update. Has only happened about 3 times since, and I change connections a lot, so it’s rare, but it does happen.

Is it only when changing to that hotspot of yours that this happens? Or have you experienced it, or even tried at any other connection source?

It’s recommended that you always have a stronge and stable connection so that rare occurrence is possible. It’s the same as exiting the app, most of the time it’s fine but occasionally the app will restart. For these reasons there are certain recommendations.

The hotspot is always involved. It happens when going to or from it.

That being said, it’s the only connection I use outside of my house.

Okay. Interesting.
I’ll give it a try later (about to hit the sack). Fortunately i have more than a few iPhones lying around…

I’m pretty sure it’s the iPhone hotspot causing this, but it’s an odd reaction from the app.


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