Loss of Contact with ATC at KLAX

Hey all,

I was entering right downwind on my final approach into KLAX. I called inbound to Tower and had no response. I assumed it was busy, but then I received an On-Guard warning. I resent my last message but still no direct response. I kept getting on guard warnings and kept resending my message. Eventually I was disconnected from Expert.

I noticed this was happening to a few other players who were also trying to call Tower and were getting on-guard warnings instead. Is this something to do with the new update?


I have encountered this bug a few times before but it has been a while since it last occurred, maybe a couple months. I don’t think it’s related to this recent update.

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As a controller I have personally experienced this while playing. It’s strange to randomly receive a please expedite command without receiving a clearance. This definitely needs to be looked at.

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If you suspect network issues and believe it’s a technical problem, you can use email to contact Infinite Flight Support. They can provide you with the best responses for any technical issues you might be experiencing.


I’m glad I’m not (completely) crazy. I can send Support an email, I think it’s also helpful knowing it’s happened to multiple players. Expert Server has glitched today already and that’s what lead me to believe it may have to do with the recent update or the fix that’s coming.

I was tower on KLAX on training server and my app was unresponsive a few hrs ago. After I didn’t answer for 2 mins it knocked me out…


I was the controller, situation already solved privately, check your DMs!

DMing you, however this must be a different situation altogether because I already messaged the controller 😬

Oh, nevermind then.

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