Loss of Buttons on flight-stick

Yes, my device has 32Gb storage, and arround 19GB are used, so arround 13GB are not used

Yes thats exactly my problem!

Which settings? The Controls?

For Infinite Flight. And it seems you should be fine everywhere else. Enought storage, good device, etc

I’m wondering if you set it up wrong. You can see if you missed a step on the “set up” process here:

Hope this helps! Have a great day!

He didn’t set it up wrong, this happens to me also where I need to set the buttons up each time I open the app

I’ve had the same problem, it was never resolved unfortunately.

The app is not saving any data locally so it remembers the commands.

I’m also wondering, why the Axes are kept, and the buttons are lost… somewhat strange in my opinion.

I defenetly set everything up correct. Thanks for your help, but nothing workes out. And as you have mentioned, the device is also not the problem. So… I guess that there is nothing more to do… Nevertheless thankyou for your help!

Essentially the axes aren’t kept, they’re automatically registered and set up once they’re connected to your device, external controls take priority over the devices controls


This is not really a bug, more of a feature that was never added.
Joystick Support have kind of been in an experimental state since it was introduced a few years ago, and no additional work have really been done on it.

After seeing a few topics regarding this, i brought it up with the team and we’ll see what we can do about this for future releases. Not making any promises here though, but we’ll look into it!


Joystick support!! Joystick support!!

Would be nice! Maybe have an ability to save a setting type and have the option to reinstate that particular setting when we have a certain setup?

Similar to control modes/types like southpaw-legacy etc


Thank you! Maybe there will be something done which would be awesome! Appreciate your help!


Do you have the joystick plugged into a USB hub? When I plug mine into a hub, the buttons on the joystick do not work, but the axis work.

Doesn’t matter for me. I’ve tried with or without USB Hub. But my problems is not that the buttons are not working, but that the buttons, that i customized in the Infinite Flight - Settings are lost, as soon as I close the app.

Ah. What software are you using to program the buttons? I recommend “AutoHotKeys,” as you can just make it an EXE that you start up along with LiveFlight Connect.

Not using any Software. Just the Control Settings in Infinite Flight itself.

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@Cbro4 please read the thread, as this is something that was covered.

@schyllberg even mentioned that its a feature that isn’t set into the app yet.

This is due to Android I have the same problem! You have to start a solo flight. And then in flight enter the keys. But you have to roll and pitch in the main menu.

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