Loss of Buttons on flight-stick

Hey Guys, so I have bought an Logitech X52 Pro for Infinte Flight combined with a USB Adapter (Samsung Galaxy A5 2017). My Problem is that when I close the app, all Buttons are lost. I havent found any similar Topic. This phenomenon occurs even, when I just close and open the app while the stick is connected. Maybe someone can help. BTW: The axes are not lost, only buttons are gone!

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What do you mean by “buttons?” Like VS, ATL, and SPD?

He’s referring to a flight yoke @Plane-Train-TV 😉


Oh! Ok. Thanks for the clarification @Levet

No, I’ve for example set the brakes to a specific button on my Joystick. When I now close Infinite Flight, and start it up again, I can no longer use this button on my Joystick. I have to go to the settings to reassign the button to the function. This may be easy for one button, but I have like 15 bottons on my stick.

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Ok so you bought a joystick to run with your device using Infinite Flight. Ok. I’ll do some research to find a solution for you

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As I look it up, it says it is only compatible with a PC or Mac. What device are you using for Infinite Flight?

So I’m using a Samsung galaxy A5 2017 right now to play Infinite Flight. To be clear, I also bought an Adapter for it, so that the Stick can be plugged in the Phone.

Ok. So this particular joystick is compatible with Infinite Flight which is amazing news! Any device should be able to work for this situation. What are your settings set to on Infinite Flight?

so you set all our buttons for a command and every time you open IF they reset ?

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do you have plenty of storage on your device ?

Yes, my device has 32Gb storage, and arround 19GB are used, so arround 13GB are not used

Yes thats exactly my problem!

Which settings? The Controls?

For Infinite Flight. And it seems you should be fine everywhere else. Enought storage, good device, etc

I’m wondering if you set it up wrong. You can see if you missed a step on the “set up” process here:

Hope this helps! Have a great day!

He didn’t set it up wrong, this happens to me also where I need to set the buttons up each time I open the app

I’ve had the same problem, it was never resolved unfortunately.

The app is not saving any data locally so it remembers the commands.

I’m also wondering, why the Axes are kept, and the buttons are lost… somewhat strange in my opinion.

I defenetly set everything up correct. Thanks for your help, but nothing workes out. And as you have mentioned, the device is also not the problem. So… I guess that there is nothing more to do… Nevertheless thankyou for your help!