Loss of ATC voices

I still have this problem where the ATC voices stop after like 10 minutes of ATC’ing, even with the new downloaded hotfix and the default Alex-US voice (on an 2019 iPad).

I know you are doing your best to fix this problem. However, any idea on how I can avoid the problem for the time being, whilst still having the ATC voices on ? (it’s actually kinda frustrating of controlling without the voices haha)
Thanks in advance.

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Update: Voices come back on, only sometimes…

I think we have to wait they will fix it soon but it just takes a while

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We wish we could do more and share more information than we already have, but we’re a bit tied here given it’s an issue on Apple’s end. Other apps using the same system are affected as well. But it definitely hits us rather hard given the context of how we use them in our Online environment.


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