Loss of Altitude

Hello guys, just wanted to know why a plane loses altitude even when Autopilot is set. I was flying the A380 and entered downwind at an altitude of 3000, as I was turning to base, I began losing altitude rapidly(even though my set altitude was at 3000, I put off NAV and changed Heading manually) and eventually crashed.
Pls what might have caused this?

did you forget about your speed?

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Speed was around 170-180.

what about flaps

You might have been too heavy for that speed.

I think flaps was around 3, but I panicked and brought it up, still didn’t work.

Are you saying my speed wasn’t enough?

If your overweight, especially in an A380, 170-180 is a confirmed stall out.

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That’a definitely not going to work. You shpuld take out full flaps in that case.

Full Flaps slow him down more resulting in a faster stall put

Uh, but I used IF default settings. I didn’t tamper with the weight.

Upon turns at that altitude and speed you need to pay attention to your trim settings as you need a little pitch up to compensate for the drag associated with the lifted wing… Once you increased your attitude by trimming up, the speed would have adjusted and your overall lift forces would be balanced…

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What flight were you doing? Sometimes the fuel loads itself to a point and maybe you didn’t realize

How about instead of us all speculating you send us a replay and it’ll be pretty obvious as to what happened…

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It was a short distance on solo.

Yeah, probably too much fuel for a short hopper flight.

Check out d replay

There’s an error with the video. It says duplicate of another video for me.


I can tell right away that you didn’t have enough lift created with the Flaps at Zero and the airspeed you had. Flaps would have definitely helped here as well as your speed.

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