Losing traction with smaller planes.

It seems like anytime I take off with any plane such as the C172 it veers left or right very hard. Does anyone know why this may be happening? P.s. I have researched all the information for a good take off in the plane I am flying. Thanks in advance.

Try using some rudder pressure to stay on the centreline -

The article below explains why this happens quite well;

Same with this topic :);


Sometimes wind also plays a role. And it doesn’t just happen in smaller planes, it can happen in any plane. But yeah, as mentioned above, just use the rudder.


Use your rudder. It helps with smaller aircraft. You will need to be reactive. Don’t just use it in the air. Make slight adjustments when taking off to counter those left and right turns to try to stay straight. I also had this issue when I started. The rudder saved me from lots of wing strikes :)

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Short explanation is that it’s called left turning tendencies which will cause the plane you go to the left. So you need right rudder so that does not happen.

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