Losing speed

I’m flying out of London Gatwick (EGKK) to OTHH today’s hub and I was at FL400 But when I was at that altitude I was loosing speed slowly then I descended to FL300 to maybe regain my speed but I’m still approaching stall. Another aircraft ahead of me is doing fine I was at the same altitude as them and they weren’t losing speed at all. I don’t have spoilers, gear or flaps activated so not much drag. I’m in A350 and so is the other person. Not sure what I can do. I just got down to FL300 and I seem to be doing fine but this has only happened when I departed from EGKK no where else.

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Are you overweight? If you are I suggest step climbing so stay at FL300 then climb up in a couple hours once you lose some weight.

I was a little bit but not by much.

Make sure to pull everything in and go to full throtle, until u get to overspeed.

Yea I was at full throttle didn’t reach over speed by that much.

Are you still losing speed?

Well stay full throtle. Yeah its unrealistic but its worth it. Ofc go down throtle when u get to overspeed.

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No not right now crusing at FL300 and cry don’t at Mach 0.87

When I was on the ground I put an hour more of fuel then I needed but now I’m over 5 hours so I’m gonna drop a lot of that now.

On long haul flights such as EGKK-OTHH, I would recommend putting more reserve fuel than that.

But I’ll leave it at that as it is off topic

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Hey, @danthemanmc617 maybe you´re overweight like @Delta18 said, you can step climb.
M.87 is too fast! I suggest M.83-M.85 for the a350 but I recommend using fpltoif.com and follow its speed to get an accurate ETE.

They said they’re flying the A350. That cruises at 0.85.

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I have removed my reply, sorry @danthemanmc617 and everyone else

Oh wow that website is helpful I never knew it existed, thanks!

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Also thank you to everyone who helped me out looks like I’m fine now :))

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My pleasure, in that web you can get everything for your flight! That’s why we are here… to help and share knowledge with our IF Family, have a good flight buddy!

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