Losing speed when flying at 34,000 ft.

Can someone help me find out why I lose speed at 34,000 feet when in a Boeing 737-800? I came down to about 130 knots and started stalling. I made a landing successfully but am confused of why I couldn’t fly that high. The wind speed was 60 knots and it was heading at the side of my plane. My plane was the only one at a very weird angle when cruising. The flight in head of me was at no angle at all (I was flying online) please solve my rookie mistake.

What rate were you climbing at. And what was your weight

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Are you sure you aren’t too heavy? Is your climbing rate too high?

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Any climb rate above 3000ft/m is highly unrealistic. Any above 4000ft/m is stupid. At 34,000 ft you only need to climb at 1500ft/m, there is no thick air you need to escape


I think he means that his airspeed is going down at cruising altitude because his ground speed is going up, that is to simulate the realistic cruising speed of airliners (so if your airspeed is let’s say 289 kts, your ground speed is most likely around 500-550 kts, the average cruising altitude)

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Yet he went to 160 knots and stalled soon after

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Let’s wait for the OP to reply before we assume what happened…


I had the same issue yesterday i was climbing at 1800 speed until FL20 after that i sat it to 1400vs.

Fliyingat M0.80
Yes i was heavy but everything was planned
I dont have any idea why when crossing FL35 i start loosing speed and the plane start stalling
That was 744


Was autopilot set properly? If so what was your speed set at?

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Maybe it has something to do with the Coffin corner:


Past FL300 I’m climbing at 500 FPM, mae sure you haven’t got a ridiculous V/S. Seems like Pilot Error

After FL 300 V/S 500 is pretty low, 1000-1200 is just about right.


Come on now, let the user respond. No need for 11 replies without a single one from the poster.


Depends on Aircraft…

I was hauling a load of 70%, that could have resulted in the lack of speed.

My speed was at 240 and quickly reduced regardless if I was in full throttle.

You may need to step climb. Level off and climb once you have burned off a bit of weight, when you go up in altitude though do it gradually with a low VS if you notice the speed dropping again.

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I did level out for awhile and yet still lost speed at full throttle. The wind was pushing me at a very unusual angle. In real life that would have broken something on a 737

Where were you flying, and what was the speed of the wind?

Wind has absolutely no effect on an aircrafts IAS.

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