Losing Sound

Device: iPad Pro 2018
Operating System: iOS 13.3.1

Sometimes when I’m controlling and flying, my sound will just stop. It’s starting to happen more frequently now and it always fixes when I restart the app. Is there a specific cause to this and how can I stop it from happening?


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Do you have any notifications incoming?

Yes I have notifications but sometimes it happens even when I don’t receive any of them

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Does it happen mid flight

Yes mid flight and mid controlling

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I have this issue also, I simply just press the pause button and press the time change it, change it back. Then my sound goes back when I get back into game.

This happens for me though although in a different perspective…we use the same device.

So…it’s when I get calls like FaceTime, Houseparty and the rest of them the sound seizes. It’s when I tell my friends to call me on a second attempt that the sound returns…

I can’t change weather in live


Sorry, my bad, the time.

I’ll try disabling all notifications and hopefully that fixes it

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Actually the solution is to turn off your ringer…from sound in settings, slide it all the way to zero

I have the same issue without notifications…

This seemed to be an issue especially when controlling as IFATC. There wasn’t really an explanatory reason as to why, but would just suddenly cut out, and would require a restart unless it magically comes back a short time later. The pain is felt. The only solution I know is restarting like other mentioned.

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I have my iPad on Do not disturb at all times so I don’t get notification sound

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For those of you that experience it, have you found a way to make it happen less frequently?

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For me it was my ringer suggestion that seems to work for me

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