Losing Landings Glitch??

So recently I lost my grade 5 status, now grade 4. But on the first day, I lost 10 landings, the second day 25 landings. At least every day I try to fit in 5 landings per day. But I feel it is like a glitch that is causing this or I am unable to keep up with the landings. My friend lost 45 landings the first day too. Usually, I’d lost 2 per 2 days.

PLZ help, I worked hard and unfortunately lost it. (no ghosting in a while or violations)

In the end, if I have to do touch and goes at eggl or any airport with multiple runways, then I will do that.

Did you maybe do patten works a few weeks / months ago?

If you did 20 landings 100 days ago they would now disappear.

It’s your 90 day lading count, it goes down on a daily basis. No glitch :)

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By how much usually because losing 25 is really weird, I only do like 10 patterns usually.

You must have done 25 landings 90 days ago, and they wear off over time.

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but say you did 10 one day and the next maybe 5 and a few days later 5 you would lose 93 days later 20.

Ah ok, yea I should’ve done like 20, past 200 landings and maintain that. I can kill off 30 by next Monday:). Then maybe 100 if I got time.

I did a tutorial on it since some may not fully understand the window of time. I will post this here to help others with the same question.


Ah, I see, but if I surpass 200, but go to like 300 I would be ok if I lost 20. I could go past 300 if necessary

Thx, I’ll take a look

yes you could, but if you did 30 in one day you would have to do that again 90 days later so you don’t lose it.

I recommend that you do on average 4.5 landing per day to always have 200.

90 days / 200 landing = 4.5

There a specific time when it resets per 90 days?

No, you lose landings on a daily basis due to your 90 day count going down.

At least if I do 5 each day I should be fine.but thx for y’all help

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No. Only when you did the landing. So if you did the landing 100 days ago it wouldn’t count but if you did a landing 90 days ago at 1700zulu, then when it is 1701zulu then the landing doesn’t count.

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