Losing instructions-Making flying on ES almost impossible

Hello, IFC
I’ve always wanted to reflect on this issue, and what happened last night and what my friends and I have been dealing with has compelled me to post this. On the ATC I Can’t get messages myself, but I can see messages from other units. This will cause runway congestion, be reported I really didn’t know what to do, asking for help,

I don’t know why I didn’t receive any orders from the tower

This is my friend’s point of view, he told me to send the command tower

My device: Infinite Flight -24.1.1 (7342)-A008AE4A-Apple iPad13,6

In short, the problem we face is that we have a good connection to the server but we sometimes don’t receive some instructions

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I also got this recently. Better try to contact the controller and compare the communications.

Do you use any VPN to connect to the game server? I know that sometimes, it causes to have some issues with ATC.

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I already sent a private message to ATC, and I did not receive the instructions at that time. I don’t use a VPN.

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I was controlling Tower at EGLL on ES yesterday around 1530z. The same issue caused a GA after i’d lined an a/c up on 27R but the pilot did not receive my clearance message. Frustrating.

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