Losing grades

Hi, I was flying across Africa in a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-900 when the overspeed sound came on but I wasn’t over speeding. I landed at an airport then taxied to a gate with the sound still blaring so I left the game and came back on and instantly I fell from grade 3 to grade 1.
Why is this?

That’s not normal. Are you sure you weren’t over speeding? What does it day the violations were for on the logbook?

What was your speed set too? (Supposing you used autopilot)

I was useing autopilot but when I was in the ground not moving it kept sounding

I also gain 10 violations

This is a known issue.

The sound will continue but you will not typically keep recieving violations as you slow down. The violations you recieved were when you were overspeeding. Again the bug is only with the audio alarm going off even when you are below the limit.


Oh ok as long as I know why it was sounding