Losing Grade Data

When I was just about to hit grade 2 it reset. I also took a break from Infinite Flight when I already was grade 2, then it went back down to 1. Is there any speech or potential fix on this bug? Or even keep it from happening in the future?

I don’t think that is a bug, to grade 2 above you need a especific number of landings in 90 days, if you don’t complete the necessary landing or be a lot of time inactive, you’ll be back to the previous grade, in this case, grade 1

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It would be your landing count. You have to have a certain amount of landings per 90 days to help level up on grades. Since you took a break, they would’ve gone down. So, therefore, you would just need to get some more landings in!

Happy flying!

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You probably were downgraded because of the new grading requirements

Read more here:


So basically I did it on the last day then it reset? Hahaha.

Thank you.

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Probably, it already happened to me a couple time when I was grade 4

Oh, what a bummer. Thanks!

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I recommend do some Touch and Go, it’s a great thing when comes to have more landing or XP, it’s a fast with a good result method :)

Yeah, my friend recommended San Diego.


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