Losing grade 2

My plane toke off from the airport and then my plane started going out control.Then the plane crashed it told me I was on grade 1

You probably received violations for acrobatics in the airspace or something of that sort.

• Were you too heavy?
• Was there a crosswind/tailwind/headwind?
• How fast were you traveling and were the speeds appropriate for the aircraft and stage of flight?

Probably the amount of violations you got from your plane going out of control

I had a crj.Toke off from KJFK. Happened yesterday.

You should practice with the CRJ on Solo and/or the Casual Server to avoid getting violations while training. Have a look at below for more help with the CRJ.

Credits to @Andre_S for the CRJ card and Mawk

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What does ghosted mean

No one can see you flying anymore (ghost)

You were reported by a controller, moderator or staff member.

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No when my plane crashed it said grade one

What does it say on your logbook?

You most likely had an aerobatics violation, can you send a picture of your logbook

The only one yellow thing that 5 violations

Next to the violations count there should be a little “i”. Click on it to see what the reason for your violations was.

I can’t see it is it in the logbook

The logbook has all the answers therefore if it shows you got violations that’s likely what the issue is. It will say what it was for if you click on it aswell

Are you sure that you are looking at your logbook and not the grade table?

I got a areobaitcs violation twice

Practice, practice, practice!

You’ll get there. Take those violations as a learning experience and checkout the guide and tutorials above.