Losing free with 20 purchase airplane after restore purchases

Hi, I recently had to get a new phone and afterwards I installed infinite flight. I had everything restored apart from my free with 20 purchases airplanes. Anyway to fix it? I have restarted my phone and app multiple times.

I am on an IOS device running IOS 11

Are you signed into the same Apple ID?

Can you select restore purchases? If that doesn’t work than you can click on the various aircraft. It may say purchase but Apple will not charge you twice.

Yes. I am using the same Apple ID

Follow my recommendation above. Select each aircraft that you want to redownload. Apple should not charge you again even though it may say purchase aircraft on your screen. Make sure you have a good internet connection too ;)

I can’t purchase this airplane. I got it free with 20 purchases. All of my other purchased airplanes were restored.” Only the free with 20 purchase airplanes didn’t “

You will need @Tyler_Shelton from the support staff. A friendly Moderator will step in shortly and go over the support ticket process. Cheers.

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Ok, thank you, I am sort of new to this. Do I just find their profile and message them my issue ?

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They will see this thread. Just sit tight and they will be glad to help the process further. They will have to check on the status of your subscription.


For the time being familiarize yourself with this pinned thread:

You could @moderators to help you.

Sent you a message.