Losing control of Boeing B787-9 when doing a sharp turn and pulling up

Device: iPad 3
OS: iOS 9.3.5
IF Version: Latest as of March 2017

This happened a few months ago but due to lack of time and the fact that I forgot it when I was on the Community, I forgot it. I know I should not make sharp turns and “pull up”, but my mum told me to close the game so I decided to finish the flight as fast as I could. I did a 90 degree turn and “pulled up” (so I was making a really tight turn), but somehow the flight pulled up vertically, stalled, and kept on rotating and maintaining a negative VS until it crashed which should be impossible. I think this is too much unrealistic since as far as I know, real life Physics predicts something so much different. And right now I can’t reproduce it due to school exams this week (I am aiming for Rank 1 out of 200 and 270/270). Sorry if this is very close to what real Physics would give.

Looks like you didn’t recover from the stall correctly. You may have entered a spin.


I´m positive that´s because of bad pilotship and inability to from the stall more than it´s a bug.


Things that happened several months ago a pretty irrelevant at this point.

And - This maneuver is outside of the normal range of operation for this aircraft. Can’t fix something that was caused from non-normal flight operations. No issue.