Losing communication with pilots in ATC mode

Hello. About 3 months ago I created a topic in Support to talk about an issue that prevents some pilots from communicating with me when I’m in control. This topic is an update on the subject.
Note: At the end of the topic follows the link to the old topic. It may be useful for more details.

After I downloaded the latest version with Hotfix, this problem got much worse. Before, I should restart a session when it reaches about 40 minutes in duration, although, a few times the bug did not manifest itself or took more than 1 hour to manifest itself. Now, in a 1 hour session, for example, I need to restart the session about 2 or 3 times to remedy the problem. This greatly impairs the quality of the session, especially if traffic at the airport is moderate or heavy.

I was encouraged to send a log informing about this problem, however, on my device, in the settings window there are no buttons that offer me this feature.

In an attempt to solve the problem, I cleared the cache and also reinstalled the application only once when I created the old topic, but I was not successful.

I thank the attention.

Device: Motorola One | Android 10
Version: 20.03.04 (1015)

Link to previous topic: Pilots are unable to communicate with me (ATC)


I guess it won’t hurt to add my video evidence as well. Many controllers face that issue, maybe this topic can divert more attention.

(The problem in the video isn’t based on device since a lot of controllers with various devices confirmed this issue, although in this video it’s iPad Pro 2020 11. Noticed that problem back to 20.2 update and it’s still here (also doesn’t depend on IOS version))

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@Mauricio_B is your issue that you are losing aircraft or something else? I don’t want people confusing the issues.

I have reproduced this issue as well.

Device: Iphone 11
Version: 20.03.02

Can you clarify what exactly the issue is? You start a session and after an amount of time what is happening? They are not getting your transmissions or you are not getting theirs? Does this happen for everyone at this time or just select aircraft?

Thats exactly what happens after certain amount of time into the session. It happens for every aircraft for me. I start to feel the issue when all pilots are not acknowledging my instructions.

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Sorry to tag @Cameron into this, but this is the exact problem I’ve had for the last few months as well that he had been working with me on.

Here’s what i have from video of what happens.

I have an issue created for this as well within our forum tag.


For me, aircraft do not disappear, they remain on the radar at all times. What happens is that, on the first contact with a frequency, the pilots send the request, however, at the same time, the pilot is automatically disconnected from the frequency, so sometimes the system reads the message and sometimes not. The aircraft does not flash yellow or the button for it. The aircraft remains gray, as if it were on another frequency, that is, it is only the pilot’s message/request that does not reach me. But this problem starts after a while during the session, it is not from the beginning.


Ok thanks. I just dont want every ATC to post a reply about an issue they had I want to make sure we are focusing on one item.

It looks like the @mwe2187 video managed to show the problem. It is as if there is a conflict between the frequencies. This usually happens on the first contact with the Ground, when starting the flight, but it also usually happens when changing frequencies. I, being ATC, do not receive messages from pilots.

I get this exact issue. However, it only happens on my university WiFi and it’s not present when using my data plan (using my iPhone as a hotspot for my iPad). I always thought that the university network blocked some sort of connections which caused this issue, so never thought too much about it except that it was a ‘me’ issue.


iPad Pro 10,5
iPad Pro 12,9 (both on WiFi only)

iPadOS 14.1 for both.

20.03.02 (RTM Hotfix) but it’s not exclusive to this build or any previous builds in the last months.

EDIT: I accidentally used a LAN connection speed test from my laptop. New image is of a WiFi connection speed test from my iPhone to two different servers.

This information is new, as I only use Infinite Flight at home, with a wifi connection. The plan here is good and the internet is stable.

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I don’t enjoy controlling anymore. I hope this gets fixed soon

This has been the same experience for me as well. I am getting 200+ down with a very low jitter.

This has been an issue I’ve had since 20.1 was in testing. Hopefully can get fixed. I will note that the last 2 times controlling I have not experienced the issue.

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This most likely relates to low capacity connections. Packet loss, response time & jitter is what needs to be looked at. Speeds are irrelevant unless your connection is at the same standard as was used 25 years ago.

We will of course do our absolute best to try to counteract this, but there’s a limit to what we can do.

@mwe2187 - you have already reported this, so we have it logged. No need to tag further :)

@Mauricio_B - last time you reported this, I’m fairly sure you should have been able to report this through the Beta that was being ran at the time that you should have been a part of? Some time has passed though.

We’ll most likely be in touch soon for further investigation :)


Gotcha, just bringing up an issue that appeared isolated to me at the time, that doesn’t appear to be isolated any longer. I’ll go crawl back into my hole i guess

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It’s an issue that been around for a while intermittently, but a tricky one to track and troubleshoot given it depends on ones own circumstances :)


My last topic regarding this issue was ignored. However with this topic I am satisfied now that I’m not the only one and the issue will be looked at further. Thank you

Nothing is ignored. But as very clearly stated in the “About” topic for #support, our official support channel is via email :)

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