Losing battery during Long-haul

So I used to do a lot of long flights overnight and charge my phone and my battery always go up.

However now it seem that my battery is going down instead so i have to cancel long haul overnight flight

I always put graphics to low and save battery during long flight on all time when I do overnight flight but now it seem not working and losing my battery.

My phone S7 edge

Any help suggestion?

(There is nothing wrong with my charger or phone)

You can’t do a long haul flight without a charger on a phone. Most of the phone can be used for 4-5 hours flight on battery, not more than that. You need a tablet or an iPad to do a long haul flight without charging the device

Is your screen brightness all the way down as well?

Ok but that’s not what I’m asking for.

I just need help for keep my battery up during long flight

He has his phone on a charger…

Yeah, I put all the down use to work

Not anymore

How new is ur device? (Like when did it come out)

I have it for 2 years start using to play IF around late 2019

The reason why I asked was because I’ve had the same issue with both my iPads and I never changed anything

Maybe try restarting your device before you do your long haul?

Is it matter what type of plane you using?

Like using a350 with high details compare with non rework a340

From my experience no but I have an Apple device so I really don’t know about android

Is anti aliasing on or off?

Anti-Aliasing is off

Is your volume down? Give it a try if it is not on low volume for the long hauls

Your battery is not able to retain the charge. I think you need a new battery for your phone

I always turn volume to zero lol bc that dont wanna hear a engine sound 😂

Ok well than it may be you’re gonna need a new battery replacement possibly or a good recycling of the battery. Run it all the way down to zero , give it a recharge to 100 percent and than try it out .

Tbh it work sometimes when I do a flights my battery went up but sometimes it went down so I am here to ask for help

All settings lowest as possible

I’ll try that thanks for all help