Losing audio suddenly

Is anyone else suddenly losing audio? It happened twice today and ultimately I took off in silence…Not urgent, just curious.


I’ve also experienced this twice - though it’s probably completely unrelated. The audio connected to my airpods and i didn’t realise… The first time i had to land without sound but the second time i knew what happened and disconnected them quickly. So check that your device isn’t connected to any other bluetooth audio device when it happens. If not then i can’t help sorry😬

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Disconnect any external items you may have connected and perform a soft reset of your device.

This also happened to me, ironically, I didn’t even notice until when I was lining up. I accidentally tapped the pause button (three lines), and the volume came back on. Try that, it may or may not work…

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Thanks everyone!

Hi @MacGyver ,
This happens with me also a lot of time. Generally this happens when your device gets heat up. This causes audio loss. You can just pause the game for sometime and then start. But remember not to stop the game for too long or it will crash.
Hope this helped you :)
Cheers !!

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I have had this happen on iOS what I would do is clear the cache in the settings menu and the sound restored for me . It’s worth a try but f it works than great if not nothing lost . Best wishes.

A very simple remedy I used often, press the home button, bringing the app automatically into the background. Then bring the IF app forward again, press resume. Sometimes have to do it twice, though.

(Note: I’m on android).

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