Losing all planes-regions along with live+

Hi. I used to have a live+ account. That expired but i also lost all of my planes and regions. Its been a while since that happened, but can you help me get them back? Thank you for your support.

Because Live+ means that you “rented” the planes… Whatever planes that you didn’t purchase before the Live+ Subscription will go back to the not purchased symbol. Kind of like leasing a car in a way


Once your Live+ expired, all the planes and regions you didn’t previously purchase go away, as they come with Live+. You can get them back either by purchasing Live+ again, or permanently purchasing individually.

However, if the planes/regions that went away were ones that you permanently purchased before you got Live+, then that is likely an error on the app’s side and I’d recommend contacting a member of staff, preferably Tyler_Shelton for further help.


Don’t close thread he could mean aircraft that he previously had

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In order to keep regions and aircraft you must pay for them, live plus is a package :).


Did you lost any plane/region you previously purchase?

you see, topics have been made about things like this. please to have a search around support and things. the answer is already been answered everywhere! what ever planes and regions you have bought spritely ( meaning that you didn’t just buy live+ and expect everything to be included forever) then they stay.
if you just bought live+. then as live+ expires, so does the regions and planes that cost money.

in other words, if you want them back, either buy live+ so you have them for another year, or buy each region and plane separately!

This means that you never made any in-app purchases before getting live+ thus when the live + subscription ended, all the planes and regions with live+ also got lost.

Can we please let the op reply before jumping to any conclusions? What if he did have IAP’s before? ;)