Losing airlines, and missing some of it’s biggest name routes, what does KPIT have to look forward to? (A lot it turns out)

I’m sure some of you have heard about some high profile loses at KPIT (Pittsburgh International Airport) recently. Delta’s flight to Paris, gone, WOW, gone, JetBlue to Ft. Lauderdale, gone, American to Boston, gone, that all sounds bad, and trust me, I’m not here to say those are good, or just what we were looking for, but it’s definitely not all bad over here, let me explain…

Let’s first look at the two elephants in the room, Delta to Paris, and WOW. WOW of course has it’s own issues, that probably forced there hands, but both of these are I speculate due to one of the best things to happen here in a while. British Airways starting a flight to London Heathrow. That is a huge deal, and I think that really did Delta in, they were probably able to hold there own against Condor, and WOW who are far from name brands here in the states, but I think with BA, they just weren’t doing well to fight for it. WOW I bet was also feeling the heat since there biggest flame to fame here was the fact that they were year round, Delta and Condor were not. BA will also steal that market. And the China Charters seemed to do well, and more will hopefully happen this year. So sure, we lost 2 flights, but we also gained the big one we all wanted since BA first pulled out in 1999 (before hand they flew a 747, see we’re not all lame 😉), and US also ended there London flights in 2004 when they pulled us as a hub. That deviated the airport, but that’s a good Segway to ou’re next topic passenger numbers…

In 2018 they were as high as they have been since 07, we bottomed out in 2013, shortly after got a new Airport CEO, and have had 5 years of straight growth. We peaked in 1996 at more than 20 million passengers, but we are down closer to 10 million now, still up from ou’re 7 million bottom out. This is due to many new flights, last year for the first time since 04 when US pulled out we had 1 million seats available in a month, and with Via airlines starting soon, Alaska now in, and new routes being pumped in constantly we are only expected to grow.

So sure, things haven’t been great at KPIT recently, but we’re only going up, and with the great team we have, that’s only expected to rise!


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