Lose Violations

I perceived that my violations has decreased, I lost almost 20 violations. So, is there something I can do to keep losing violations?

Violations don’t get removed. Are you referring to your grade criteria? It may be that some violations drop off the time period, for example violations in 7 days

I’m sure what I’m saying!! I had 72 violations, but now I have only 55…

Basically your violations drop of over a period of time, mostly 24hours, 7 days etc. You’ll keep loosing them after each period is met

Is this based off of your IF stats? or based off of what Live Flight has? you can see your total vio count from LF.

Not totally true Jack, violations are permanent record however the violation to landing ratio can be offset over time with more landings. You are correct that violations impact on accessing the Training Server and Expert Server does roll off with time though.

Example: you have 20 violations and 20 landings. After some time you don’t accrue any violations but you do complete 20 more landings. That ratio changes from 1:1 (20 landings to 20 violations) to 2:1 (40 landings to 20 violations) so essentially you’ve now got a 2 landings per 1 violation ratio now.

Does that make more sense now? Sorry for being a bit wordy here.

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That would be great if only it happens.

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