Lose the second capital letter in Jetstar

Wasn’t sure where to put this but it really bothers me (not a big issue) and I see it was brought up in 2015. JetStar Mis-Capitalization

Is it possible to have JetStar changed to Jetstar on IF? It doesn’t have a capital S. It’s just Jetstar.

Thanks! :)


Hey @prkr,

This is quite an old issue you’ve found - impressive! Unfortunately the likelihood of this beging altered may be unlikely as it wouldn’t be high on a priority list for the developers at the moment. But it’s always great to bring attention to it! Here’s to hoping!


Yes, it’s bothered me for some time now and I found this topic while searching to see if it’s been raised before. It will probably bother others now that I’ve pointed it out :p


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I’m genuinely wondering why this would be a difficult issue for the devs to fix quickly since it’s just a name change on the menu, not on the livery itself? I agree it seems like a very low priority issue, but this also seems like an issue that could be solved in minutes so does its priority really matter?

Especially since it’s been a little over 7 years since it was reported; shouldn’t this have been reported internally, as it was seen by a staff member (schyllberg closed it)?

How low-priority can this issue even be if it’s still not fixed yet? Unless perhaps, this was never reported internally, and it slipped through the cracks.

Not trying to be rude, the devs are definitely hard at work, just have some genuine questions which could help the community gain further insight on the process of finding & fixing issues. What went wrong?

I’m not sure if you know the answer, but I would be very appreciative if someone who does know the answer (probably a staff member) helps the community gain further insight.


I reported the issue internally - no promises that it’ll be fixed but at least it’s being tracked now. It appears to be a pretty ‘low-hanging fruit’ issue to solve.


Interesting this has been brought up after many years gone by.
Seems it’s been overlooked and never got round to correcting it for some reason

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Schyllberg has also advised that they’re onto it!

Thanks team!

A minor issue but nevertheless a simple fix.


As I replied in the email to @prkr;

I’m close to 100% positive that I personally fixed this when harmonizing all of the livery names. We will check the file and correct.


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