Los Cabos to Los Angeles - 1/17/2021

Some shots from my United 95 flight from Los Cabos International (MMSD) to Los Angles International (KLAX) on the expert server this past Sunday.

Takeoff from runway 16 at MMSD - 9:30 EST

Gear retraction and climb

Descending via OLAAA2 arrival into LA with @Riskie 7 miles ahead

On final approach for runway 24R at LA - @Krypton 5 miles behind in a 777-300

Race to the runway - @Aero_Contractors_Ng in the distance landing runway 25L as AMX003

Kissing the KLAX concrete at 12:03 PM EST

The slow down before I got yelled at by ATC for already being cleared to cross 24L oops lol


This same thing happened to me lol
nice photos too man!


Great name for the touchdown. Stunning pics!


Thanks guys 😊