Los Angles KLAX to Seattle KSEA

Did a random flight today with the A340-600. Got to capture a parallel takeoff.

Landing in Seattle was decent even though I didn’t flare as quickly as possible but an amazing touchdown on runway 16C.

Also did some screenshots at gate S11

Aircraft: Airbus A340-600
Livery: Airbus Logo
Flight time: 2 hours
Route: KLAX - KSEA
Expert Server
Time of Departure: 15:16 pm America UTC
Time of Arrival: 16:20 pm America UTC


Hey!! What was your callsign?? I could’ve seen you

Joon 462 was my callsign

How the heck did you climb so fast that jou were like 2000ft over the airport?! That height does not look normal to me

The A340 has physics allowing it to reach up to 8000fpm after rotation

Dude, I was your controller!

The physics where a bit wancky. At first I was climbing about 2000 ft per min next thing I know it shot all the way up to 3000 ft. That is when i already activated Autopilot.

Was it at KSEA, because I didn’t understand why I was rejected to land on runway 16R. Before I reach my destination I always check the ATIS for vital information such as runway changes, low visiblity or evn changes in wind speed and direction.

I didn’t reject anyone inbound to KSEA. Wait, weren’t you the one who called “inbound on the ILS on 16R” while on downwind? If so, I had you land on 16C for your convenience.

Yeah I saw you!! I was departing Seattle just before you turned final. While I was coming up to the hold short line, I heard ATC telling you to turn base. Really cool to see you! Unfortunately, I was unable to see your landing due to the fact that I had already departed.

I would love it if IF put some love into the A340

Same here my friend.