Los Angeles Vibes: Part 1 - 3/6/2022 @ KLAX

A couple of weeks ago I went to LAX with the boys @AndrewWu, @Altaria55, @Speedyyy, @robert_xing, and @Cameron_Stone for some spotting and a heli ride over the airport. I took about 500gb worth of photos in a day and I’ve narrowed it down since then, but I’ll be splitting this trip into multiple parts- with this first one being from Imperial Hill early in the morning till 11. Enjoy :)

1/30th at 400mm, that sweet sweet 42mp preserving the detail during noise abatement ops

An MD10 rocketing out

Something I never see here at JFK, fog peeking out from the mountains in the background

@Etrain type beat

sleek livery for a sleek plane

Whole lotta American right here

A very polite rotation, right in front of us

Someone say more mountains? I gochu

Despite being a hub for American, JFK doesn’t get their 787s- so this was nice to see

“skill issue” - @robert_xing

One of the best looking liveries, don’t @ me

“ibis is pay to win” - @AndrewWu

Please do not use my photos without permission.

Follow the boys to see some fire shots from this day and stay tuned for more topics in the next couple of weeks!

@Altaria55 | dfwjets
@AndrewWu | atis.alpha
@Cameron_Stone | klaxspotting
@Guxk | zny.aviation
@robert_xing | overcloudsunderstars
@Speedyyy | dfw.aviationn

yeah @AndrewWu I stole your formatting for that part, cope



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Chef Kiss These are all so 🔥

My top 3 is:

  1. 3rd Pic
  2. Stuck on both 787’s and A359
  3. 4th Pic

So many great photos! Keep it up

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Pay to win 😉


Jk jk. (10 char)

i already told you i AM NOT LIKE THAT

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HEY HEY! These are actually pretty good. LAX finna go crazy.

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United needs to fix the cowling on this plane, it was like that when I flew it in January smh

Oh cool shots too

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it’s not pay to win, i take better photos with my iphone 7


He’s pay to win !!


ima take bean

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caleb loses again

Thank you!!

skill issue

it’s okay we believe you


we get it, you non rev 🙄🙄

(ty stameron cone)

damn he got me beat here

silence, topaz user


Who is non rev? Never heard of her

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ok i will take your place non reving then

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The FedEx MD10 looks Cool

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