Los Angeles to Vancouver(Moonshot)

I wanted to fly Air Canada for a while now and decided to do it. It was a great and beautiful flight.

Airline: Air Canada

Time: 3 hours

Route KLAX to CYVR

Speed: 300 kts

Altitude: FL 320

Lining up on Runway 25R

Time of day: Noon

Lined up and cleared for takeoff

A nice suprise from the landing gear

And takeoff

Turning towards Canada

Looking at the sunset glare

Cruising at 32 000ft

The moonshot

On final

Touchdown in Vancouver

Thanks. πŸ‘


Great photos mate!

10 pictures per topic please :)

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Wow we don’t usually see landing gear shots

Reminds of toy story 2 for some reason where woody and jessie try to escape a plane from the front landing gear or something like that


Nice shots! I loved the inclusions of unique things, such as landing gear shots!

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Thanks, and I’m glad you guys like it

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Very nice pictures! I love Air Canada :)

Great photos, I love that nose screenshot it looks amazing!