Los Angeles to London!

This was Virgin Atlantic Flight VS24.
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 10 Hours & 19 Minutes


Parked during dusk as a 744 from China lands in the distance

Taking off 24L into the beautiful sunset

Crossing over Des Moines, Iowa (DSM)

Descending towards 27L at Heathrow with London City (LCY) in the distance

Touching down past an assortment of beautiful aircraft waiting for takeoffs to New York, Jordan and other destinations


Nice Pictures! I like the outside view shot on takeoff.

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Thank you! Those are my favorite next to wing views!

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A flight between the two most cursed airports in IF, interesting, but I like it. Great pictures!

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LAX is fine on Expert since there’s no one ever there but yes, these 2 airports have got a lot going on in IF, particularly on the Training Server haha.

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Yes very much so seems like everyone love these 2 airports

Ayyyye it’s the plane with the odd strobe and beacon lights.