Los Angeles to London @ KLAX - 140930ZOCT18

Server: Expert

Airport: KLAX to EGLL

Time: 9:30BST (uk time)

INFO: *The flight will be today the 14th October. Spawn in a B747 British Airways. Around an 11 hour flight. Make sure to copy my flight plan. Callsign is GAH16. Hope you enjoy. More people the more fun ! Comment bellow if you are joining !

ALT 370
SPD moch 0.85
VS 2000fpm

150nm out
SPD 245
VS -1400
This will bring you in perfectly !*

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This is an improper event format please use this:


Fixed the title for you. In the future please follow the format linked above, thanks!

Hello 2800FPM for the 747 is too much as it will put the engines in overdrive and could cause a stall
I suggest putting anything below 2000FPM

okay thanks for telling me. I will change it!


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