Los Angeles to Honolulu

Did an early morning delivery in the Boeing 747-8F. Hope everyone got their packages and PS5s on time and please don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team. Have a great day and thank you for using UPS as your number 1 package deliver.

Loading at the Southeast Cargo Apron (02) at Los Ángeles.

Morning Departure at runway 25R at KLAX

Beautiful sunrise over the Pacific Ocean

Desent into Honolulu. Got a nice shot of both the Oahu Mountain ranges and Daniel K. Inouye International Airport

Nice landing on runway 8L at Daniel K. Inouye Intl

Unloading all our packages and PS5s at Gate 13 Cargo Apron

Flight time 5 hours and 11 minutes
Boeing 747-8F
UPS livery
Cruising Altitude 36,000ft
Expert Server


Nice shots!

I’d like to file a complaint, my PS5 is too expensive ;)

Nice shots!

Sorry about that but we can’t reduce the price of your PS5. But what we can do is to buy out the company maybe create an agreement where you can be satisfied.

Yo haha I was Delta 250AK. We took off pretty close to each other and landed around the same time. I saw you at LAX and HNL. I was the Delta 737-900

I am currently doing my return leg (PHNL - KLAX) after staying in Honolulu for a few hours

Good to hear hope you have an amazing flight.

Beautiful shots !! Loved it

Oh hey! I saw you at KLAX when i was doing KLAX-EDDM! I believe you were behind @turkishcaptain_batu.

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Hey yess i was the fedex md11

I love the screenshots! Especially the one of HNL and the Oahu Mountains.

love this plane! did a flight from LAX to Anchorage one time. probably one of the most interesting flights ive done

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Wait was it you that took off on runway 25L at LAX with the Airbus a350?

Noo i was taking off with fedex md11 to honolulu

I took off on 25R as the A350 😂

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